Darkness Sensuality Couture collection was presented at the Bucharest Fashion Week by Fashion designer IULIANA MIHAI. This couture collection represents the desire for extravagance. Exquisite couture takes unusual turns with the presence of bondage elements. Elegance and Nippo New Gothic style becomes edgy and empowered with pearls and diamonds effects and feather hardwear. Shapewear also features to sculpt the body.

The Darkness Sensuality Couture collection is the Vogue and Glamorous luxury yet hardened style of women couture, eveningwear, accessories and lingerie. The collection Darkness Sensuality Couture is for a lady that understand fashion culture,  breath, walk and dream Fashion Experience

Iuliana Mihai women, between dark, gothic, sensuality, Japanese and classic becomes a Nippo New Gothic Lady. A women that knows she is sexy, but in the same time she is clever and smart. She knows how to use her beauty and her brain. She becomes like a superstar this is the IULIANA MIHAI FASHION LADY.

Colors: white, off-white, green, red, black, gold.
Materials:   silk,   duchesse,   lace,   paillettes,   pearls, Swarovski.
Cuts: mermaid, hourglass, domed cut.

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