The  couture  collection  “Hanakotoba” is  created  by  Iuliana  Mihai using the finest Italian fabrics such as embroidered lace, lace coated, presented at MONTECARLO FASHION WEEK.

Nippo New Gothic Couture by Iuliana Mihai



In a world where words are few and well considered it might be interesting to learn a new secret language without the use of our own voice but just listening our heart and let drawing our  hand according to its sounds. A secret language that explains the presence of creative talent and to which there is no need  to  add  anything.  

The flowers have the power to acquire  great passion and strong feelings, with gold, soft veils of pure organza, multi levels of raw tulle, taffeta and paillette. On catwalk 21 women gowns shaped with draped lines created soft and sinuous effects, one stunning wedding Nippo New Gothic dress and 6 menswear. Cuts made with innovative methods, square shapes influenced by classic Japanese Kimono and by Samurai armor adorned with Swarovski applications, feathers, floral embroidery and butterflies. 

The colors chosen by designers for this season are inspired by the petals of the flowers embraced by the morning dew. On catwalk a selection of Purple, fuchsia and orange, colors that brighten up the black which is the predominant color of  the Nippo New Gothic style coined by the young designer Iuliana Mihai and present in all her couture and ready-to-wear collections. The Nippo New Gothic style arises from  the  association  of   three Japan's  cultural  concepts:  Geisha, Samurai and Butterfly.

The “Hanakotoba” couture collection stands out and flight like a butterfly blossoming, transformed in all her beauty after having been for  a  long  time in  a  chrysalis.  In  Japanese  culture  this  image  is associated with the popular semblance that symbolizes young women's nascent beauty and gentle grace.


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