Iuliana Mihai is a fashion designer chameleonic, artistic and creative. Since her young age she was interested in fabrics and colors. She started working as a model at the age of 14. The modeling career let her discover London, Paris, Dusseldorf, Milan and then Rome where she decided to stay and to continue her studies in fashion design at the IED. Iuliana Mihai also cultivated her passion for painting and chased her talents with courses in Alba Iulia, where she get graduated in Marketing Management.

Iuliana Mihai loves the culture and the traditions of Rising Sun countries. She has a vegan soul and practice yoga. The turning point of her life comes with the opening of the Atelier located in the heart of Rome. The Brand Iuliana Mihai creates and produces Women Couture, Men  Couture, Bridal Couture, Women Pret-à-porter and Men Pret-à-porter. All the creations represent a Nippo New Gothic style  that arises from the association of three Japan's cultural concepts: Geisha, Samurai and Butterfly.

As fashion designer, Iuliana Mihai showed several couture collection in different Fashion Weeks as Alta Roma, Bucharest Fashion Week, Rome Fashion Week, Monte Carlo Fashion Week and Fashion under the stars (Lugano). Iuliana Mihai also participated to several events as the International Mediterranean Award 2016 (Villa Miani- Rome), where she received an Award  for new styles in couture. She have been a Special Guest at the Swiss Fashion World and Showed the couture collection at the Grand Gala des Ambassadeurs (Monte Carlo). Iuliana Mihai received also an Award by  Camera Nazionale Giovani Fashion Designer during the First International Fashion Week (Reggio Calabria) as International Fashion Designer.

Couture collections:

-       “Tribute to Adrian: Between Alien & Human Being”.  Women Couture inspired by the modern Japan culture and its Heroines.

-       “Darkness Sensuality”. Women Couture where elegance and Japan New Gothic Style become edgy empowered with pearls, diamonds effects and feather hardware. 

-       "Sons of the Crepuscule". Women & Men Couture. The lady feels exactly as a Geisha and the men as a Samurai both of them being like the daughters of the Crepuscule.

-       "Hanakotoba". Women & Men Couture. The Geisha is always a Legend to follow, she can understand the secret language of flowers that have the power to communicate great passion and strong feelings.  

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